Last month when the CoWIN APIs had just been released, a few of us got together and created a portal to track availability of vaccines.

The portal ( saw around 400,000 hits with around 40,000 unique people visiting it over the course of the last few weeks. When we had started, we did not know what to expect: it turned out to a very large number!

We had created this portal at a time when (a) the CoWIN process was expanded to a much larger population set (18-44), (b) the availability of slots of vaccines were low, and (c) the slots opened at different times during the day and hence people needed a way to keep track of when slots opened in their location.

As we had mentioned, we were enthusiasts who were doing this on a best effort, non-commercial basis. We were happily surprised to see the engagement on the portal and the many emails that came our way. We are sorry if we could not respond to your specific email. We had a lot of learnings along the way.

The initial rush at CoWIN has now reduced, other portals who are deeply integrated into the medical fields also started to come in later, and the availability of vaccines and slots have imporved considerably.

While the portal remains active, we will not be doing an active update from our side. Please treat any output with appropriate caution and do check the CoWIN portal for accurate details. We note that we still continue to receive visitors.

We thank you all again for all your thoughts and engagement. We hope the portal went some distance in helping you vaccinate!

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