IAIP Speaker Event in Hyderabad: The Making of India – GameChanging Transitions

IAIP event at ISB, Hyderabad

AKHILESH TILOTIA, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR KOTAK INSTITUTIONAL EQUITIES (KIE),Akhilesh Tilotia leads thematic research under the Game Changer brand and co-authors market strategy reports on the Indian equity markets. He started KIE’s thematic research product, Game Changer. Through data and discussion, the series digs deep to offer perspectives on ideas and developments that can potentially alter the course of the markets. The Game Changer series provides institutional investors with a macro overview of opportunities and challenges in India. His debut book, The Making of India – Game Changing Transitions, draws upon his years of analysis of the social, economic and political changes in India.

May 8, 2015 | 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM | Friday
AC2MLT, Hyderabad, India


The Making of India chronicles the journey of India’s demographic dividend through the varied transitions taking place in the economy. The forces shaping India’s job market, its cities, its industry and agriculture and its equation with the rest of the world come from expected and unexpected places, heralding massive opportunities and challenges for citizens, the government and investors.

Indians face a significant private cost of public failure. Across its public goods like power, roads, water, education, health and security, Indians have been offered poor outcomes as prices have been kept low in the name of the poor. Throughout the book, we encounter pricing distortions made by the iron-hand of the government (either making something cheap relative to its market price or more expensive) which has swayed incentives and outcomes in various sectors.

Akhilesh documents and forecasts the forces shaping India’s employment market, its cities, its industry and agriculture, and its equation with the rest of the world.

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