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Indian Aviation: Looking Ahead

Aviation is amongst the worst-hit industries in Covid-19: what might change? – By Akhilesh Tilotia and Sunil Bhaskaran Before Covid-19 pandemic hit India and its aviation industry, airline traffic had been growing smartly for last many years: indeed, the industry had celebrated fifty consecutive months of double-digit growth in December 2018. Airlines in India had started transporting more people annually (~140 million) than the … Read More Indian Aviation: Looking Ahead


India must learn from China about aircraft leasing

The announcement of this policy statement in the Budget follows the release of the ‘Rupee Raftaar’ report at the Global Aviation Summit in Mumbai in January earlier this year. The Finance Minister, in her maiden budget, laid the foundation of building an important component of the aviation sector: “As the world’s third largest domestic aviation market, the time is ripe for India to enter … Read More India must learn from China about aircraft leasing

Airports driving new urbanisation patterns

Business Standard The economic multiplier effect of airport construction is estimated to be around six times the capital invested in an airport Jayant Sinha & Akhilesh Tilotia In the previous century, Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed dams and factories as the ‘temples of modern India’. As the Indian economy becomes more service intensive and rapidly globalises to become a major player in goods and services, trade … Read More Airports driving new urbanisation patterns

Udan air connectivity scheme: Not just a flight of fancy

The Economic Times By Jayant Sinha & Akhilesh Tilotia Providing regional air connectivity is an important policy goal for the government. Such services deliver a host of benefits by fulfilling latent consumer demand for convenient travel, making businesses and trade more efficient, unlocking India’s tourism potential, enabling fast medical service and promoting national integration. Moreover, building connections to tier-2 and tier-3 cities also generates … Read More Udan air connectivity scheme: Not just a flight of fancy

Powering growth through airport hubs

Business Standard As the aviation market in India deepens, the creation of hubs for regional connectivity, international travel, mega- tourist destinations and freight connectivity will ensure the flow of more foreign Jayant Sinha & Akhilesh Tilotia Airports and airlines share a symbiotic relationship. Large airlines make big airports their hubs: The airport gets a dedicated anchor bringing in passenger footfalls and the airline builds … Read More Powering growth through airport hubs

So the average Indian can fly: How aviation is being transformed from an elite to a public service

The Times of India Jayant Sinha and Akhilesh Tilotia India’s aviation sector is being rapidly transformed and air travel is becoming indispensable for the general public. India is now the fastest growing major aviation market – the number of air passengers has been growing more than 20% year-on-year. In the past 12 months, more than 9 crore passengers flew domestically and another 5 crores … Read More So the average Indian can fly: How aviation is being transformed from an elite to a public service