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Madhya Pradesh: Food, forts, palaces, history, jungles, temples, hills, rivers, lakes…

Driving around for a fortnight Four families, four cars, fifteen of us, for four thousand kilometres over a fortnight: to me this was a flight of fantasy that such a plan could see execution. Yet, here are we are and here is what you can expect when you make a trip to magical Madhya Pradesh, which as their tourism ad says, is the heart … Read More Madhya Pradesh: Food, forts, palaces, history, jungles, temples, hills, rivers, lakes…


Vaccine tracker – taking it down

Last month when the CoWIN APIs had just been released, a few of us got together and created a portal to track availability of vaccines. The portal ( saw around 400,000 hits with around 40,000 unique people visiting it over the course of the last few weeks. When we had started, we did not know what to expect: it turned out to a very … Read More Vaccine tracker – taking it down

HippoBrain conversation

In 2015, I was summoned to the North Block from the office of the then Minister of State for Finance, Jayant Sinha. For somebody who worked in a bank, my first thought was that some hell had broken loose somewhere; I may have written something that was a slip-up or something. We ended up having a one-hour long conversation and that was it. Nothing … Read More HippoBrain conversation


Coronavirus crisis: Making your ‘Beyond COVID-19 Plan’ work

COVID-19 could change entire industry ecosystems—what makes planning challenging is that it is not clear how permanent and deep the changes will be. By now you are deep in your business continuity planning (BCP)—if your organisation had planned it, good; if not, you have learnt its importance the hard way. The COVID-19 related disruption is such a seminal event in our generation that none … Read More Coronavirus crisis: Making your ‘Beyond COVID-19 Plan’ work


Coronavirus: Flattening the curve

Building liquidity infrastructure and solution and protecting incomes required in the short-term; rebuilding trust in the long-term. We looked at some of the possible impacts of social distancing in the previous article. As various supply chains get disrupted due to sudden convulsions of demand and supply, the impact will be as much social as economic. The public health systems across the world are gearing … Read More Coronavirus: Flattening the curve


How social distancing disrupts supply chains

What the virus spread has revealed is that it is difficult to predict where it might emerge next and with what ferocity. What has surprised the world about the new Coronavirus, Covid-19, is how quickly it engulfed the globe and how the unlikeliest of places emerged as hotspots for the epidemic. Starting in a deep interior region of China, it quickly spread across the … Read More How social distancing disrupts supply chains

India’s current fiscal architecture: 3+4+5+6=18

Since the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India, the Central Government is now a primary decision-maker on almost all the taxes in the country. With an effective veto power in the GST Council and its ability to set the income and corporate taxes and various custom duties, the Central Government now has a say on the rates at which taxes are … Read More India’s current fiscal architecture: 3+4+5+6=18


Talk on Location-Casting: Taking You Near Your Customers More details here. Unfortunately, no video. 

Video: Masterclass at IIM-A

Facebook Live of MasterClass speaker session by Mr. Akhilesh Tilotia, Officer on Special Duty to Minister for Civil Aviation. In this video, I discuss the idea of Choices – how I have chosen in life and what considerations you might want to keep in mind as you choose between the various choices life throws at you. You can watch the video here: Facebook The … Read More Video: Masterclass at IIM-A

Airports driving new urbanisation patterns

Business Standard The economic multiplier effect of airport construction is estimated to be around six times the capital invested in an airport Jayant Sinha & Akhilesh Tilotia In the previous century, Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed dams and factories as the ‘temples of modern India’. As the Indian economy becomes more service intensive and rapidly globalises to become a major player in goods and services, trade … Read More Airports driving new urbanisation patterns

Took a 2-hour long class on Business and Public Policy for Vedica Scholars

Run by the Centre for Civil Society, Vedica Scholars brings together a bunch of bright ladies who are interested in business and public policy. Link

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