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Indian Aviation: Looking Ahead

Aviation is amongst the worst-hit industries in Covid-19: what might change? – By Akhilesh Tilotia and Sunil Bhaskaran Before Covid-19 pandemic hit India and its aviation industry, airline traffic had been growing smartly for last many years: indeed, the industry had celebrated fifty consecutive months of double-digit growth in December 2018. Airlines in India had started transporting more people annually (~140 million) than the … Read More Indian Aviation: Looking Ahead

Landmark Reforms in Indian Agriculture

Notes from a Live Webinar co-hosted by Axis Bank and agribazaar The panel was represented by senior government officials, investors, developmental agencies, agri-industrialists and a banker. The reforms undertaken by the Government were outlined and explained by the four Secretaries to the Government of India. These reforms have been variously called the “watershed moment”, “1991 moment”, and the “unshackling” of Indian agriculture, especially since … Read More Landmark Reforms in Indian Agriculture


Fintech and legacy finance, not fintech vs legacy finance

The product design strategy of a financial service firm revolves around ‘maturity transformation’, ‘liquidity transformation’ or ‘risk transformation’. There is excitement about fintech eating traditional finance. The incumbents are institutions with legacy systems and older-generation leadership while the new-age challengers are building models on open APIs and have modular, scalable platforms. In the new world, customer engagement is expected to hold the audience captive—this … Read More Fintech and legacy finance, not fintech vs legacy finance


Housing needs a stronger mortgage market

A house is not merely a place to live and build a life, it is also one of the most significant assets of the family. An investment in a house roots a family to a location, giving them a significant stake in the development of the local area. Housing is a fundamental requirement of human existence. The requirement of shelter is so basic that … Read More Housing needs a stronger mortgage market


India must learn from China about aircraft leasing

The announcement of this policy statement in the Budget follows the release of the ‘Rupee Raftaar’ report at the Global Aviation Summit in Mumbai in January earlier this year. The Finance Minister, in her maiden budget, laid the foundation of building an important component of the aviation sector: “As the world’s third largest domestic aviation market, the time is ripe for India to enter … Read More India must learn from China about aircraft leasing